Blueberry Steak

Blueberry Steak

This recipe comes from PaleoLeap.


Makes 8 portions:

Total Cost: $17.41

Cost Per Portion: $2.18


Follow the directions over at PaleoLeap.

The Verdict

This meal was prepared by my lovely wife Maureen, who also does all the photographs around here.

We used London Broil because we wanted the leanest cut of beef we could get, and I figured the butter in the sauce would provide more than enough fat in the meal. I was very impressed by how tender and rich it came out. She grilled the steak (propane) which I always prefer when it’s an available option.

The blueberries added an interesting flavor that was subtle and didn’t overwhelm the taste of the meat. If anything, I think it could have used more blueberries.

It paired surprisingly well with the Sprouts a la Josh.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Double the amount of blueberries, mash up half to turn the sauce into more of a blueberry paste