Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

This recipe comes from Michelle Tam over at Nom Nom Paleo.

Now, before I continue, I should probably admit that I hate brussels sprouts with every fiber of my being. The last time I ate brussels sprouts was about 12 years ago, while visiting a health-conscious uncle. I can still remember this clearly. Although I was trying my best to be a polite dinner guest, I kept gagging on those vile little plants. Something about brussels sprouts and myself simply did not get along.

As regular readers know, I’ve made it my mission to cook recipes including every single fruit and vegetable I can find. This strategy has worked wonders so far, introducing my wife and I to ya pears, parsnips and even kale, but when it came to brussels sprouts, I had already decided I hated them.

But then Michelle Tam taught me that I could add bacon, and everything changed.


Makes 8 portions:

Total Cost: $9.20

Cost Per Portion: $1.15


Follow the directions over at Nom Nom Paleo.

The Verdict

From a taste point of view, I’m still having a hard time processing what I’m about to say: I loved it. I don’t mean I liked it well enough, I mean I loved it. Even more than the Vegan Mashed Cauliflower which, until now, was my favorite side dish so far.

Once again I find that my favorite veggie is the one cooked in a pile of meat.

The key thing to remember: listen to Michelle’s instructions when prepping your brussels sprouts. Peel away the bitter outside leaves, and make sure to cut off the stems. Once roasted, what remains is tender, and not overly chewy. To up the crispy factor, I used the oven’s “broil” feature for a few moments at the end.

From a macro point of view, this is a very fatty item. Delicious, but it should be balanced with some veggies and lean protein to make a complete meal.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Why not add brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower all together to bulk out the veggies-to-pork ratio?
  • Try it with coconut oil next time instead of butter