Butternut Squash & Kale Beef Stew

This week I started to pay more attention to my macros. I also stumbled across the Whole 30 diet program, and an awesome “Whole 30 approved” recipe from GirlMeetsPaleo.


Makes 8 portions:

Total Cost: $38.08

Cost Per Portion: $4.76


Follow the directions over at GirlMeetsPaleo.

The Verdict

First, and most importantly: this stuff is delicious. The squash is soft and sweet, there is ample beef in each serving, and most importantly, the kale has absorbed all the flavor of the stew, fading away into the background. Once again I find that veggies served via a chunk of cooked meat are my favorite form of vegetable.

I am especially fond of the macros for this meal. It has inspired me to try and invent a few new meals targeting specific macro breakdowns. Having mastered the basics of counting calories, I feel like mastering macros is the logical next step.