Sprouts a la Josh

Sprouts A La Josh

This is another original recipe from your truly. After making Jamie Oliver’s Brussels with Hustle, I decided I liked my sprouts better once they had been ground up. However, just like the Brussels Sprouts and Bacon I made before that, Jamie Oliver’s recipe relies on pork in order to disguise the taste of brussels sprouts. […]

Chicken Veggie Stew

Chicken Veggie Stew

This is another original recipe from yours truly. Nothing too special inspired this; I just wanted to eat some veggies and lean protein and have it taste pretty good. IngredientsMakes 6 portions:$0.99 – 0.25 lb Kale (Organic)$9.17 – 2 lb Chicken Breast$0.31 – 2 tbsp Montreal Chicken$0.00 – 3 cups fl Progresso Chicken Broth$0.33 – […]

Slim Jim Stew

This is another original recipe from yours truly. I was having a craving for a Slim Jim, and so I decided to try and make something that tastes sort of like that. I also wanted to do something with sweet potatoes other than bake them, so I tossed some of those in too. IngredientsMakes 6 […]

Beef & Beet Stew

Beef and Beet Stew

This is an original recipe, and a good excuse to clear out all the leftover produce in my fridge. IngredientsMakes 6 portions:$11.98 – 2lb Beef Stew Meat$0.06 – 1 tbsp Publix Extra Virgin Olive Oil$0.34 – 1 tbsp Montreal Steak$2.49 – 0.63 lb Endive$1.04 – 0.35 lb Shallots$0.79 – 0.45 lb Carrots$3.52 – 4 cups […]

Taco Soup

This is an original recipe. Something like a chili, but I like to call it “Taco Soup”. IngredientsMakes 8 portions:$5.75 – 1588g Greenwise Crushed Tomatoes$0.15 – 35g Red Chili Pepper$0.42 – 77g Jalapeno Pepper$1.23 – 171g Red Bell Pepper$0.06 – 1 tbsp Publix Extra Virgin Olive Oil$12.78 – 1.5 lb Grass Fed Ground Beef$0.00 – […]

Sauteed Asparagus

We hadn’t eaten asparagus in a while so whipped this up myself: IngredientsMakes 4 portions:$3.31 – 0.83 lb Asparagus$1.54 – 10 oz Grape Tomatoes$0.12 – 2 tbsp Publix Extra Virgin Olive Oil$1.06 – 1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast$0.18 – 1 tsp Sea Salt$0.15 – 1 tsp Black Pepper$0.00 – 1 tsp Curry Powder$0.65 – 0.5 lb […]

Kale Chips

I’m listing this as an “original recipe” but that’s not exactly true. This recipe was inspired by Colleen over on The Good Life, but I also had a lot of help from my pal Gatisa and her Holistic Health and Weight Loss group on Facebook. IngredientsMakes 4 portions:$2.89 – .73 lbs Kale (Organic)$0.03 – 0.5 […]

Baked Mediterranean Veggies

Baked Mediterranean Veggies

I suppose this is an original recipe. Technically, I started with about 5 different recipes, took what I like from each of them, and then improvised the rest: IngredientsMakes 8 portions:$0.00 – 1 lb Red Potatoes$1.42 – 1 lb Zucchini$0.85 – 0.6 lb Strawberry Onion$2.37 – 0.89 lb Eggplant$2.89 – 0.88 lb Red Bell Pepper$0.30 – 4 […]

Tania’s Rice and Beans

Tania's Rice & Beans

This is an original recipe, but it does not belong to me. It comes to us care of my friend Tania, who got it from her mother. I can speak from experience when I say Tania’s Rice and Beans is an awesome comfort food for those days when your body is just craving the carbs. […]

Zucchini Spaghetti

Zucchini Spaghetti

I’ve been craving spaghetti and meat sauce lately, but in the land of paleo diets, eating pasta noodles are a big no-no. Luckily, there is a low-carb, paleo-friendly solution: zucchini noodles. Now, I realize that may sound strange. I was a skeptic too. But trust me when I say: this recipe is so close to […]