Chicken Veggie Stew

Chicken Veggie Stew

This is another original recipe from yours truly.

Nothing too special inspired this; I just wanted to eat some veggies and lean protein and have it taste pretty good.


Makes 6 portions:

Total Cost: $16.58

Cost Per Portion: $2.76


Here’s another crock pot recipe so easy even I can do it:

  1. Toss everything in a crock pot
  2. Toss the raw chicken in there too
  3. Let the crock pot cook for about 10 hours
  4. Around hour 6 or so the chicken should be soft enough to easily shred with some forks
  5. Shred up the chicken with two forks and distribute evenly in the pot
  6. Add water as needed; make as “soupy” as you like it

The Verdict

Looking for a nice, healthy, chicken soup? Here it is.

The flavor of this dish is more subtle than my usual fair. Critics might describe it as “boring” but I would prefer to think of it as “understated”. As-is this is a paleo-approved recipes; the nutritional info looks great, and the macros came out just as I had hoped. However, I can’t help but admit that some non-paleo corn or orzo might have taken this to a new level.

Thoughts for next time:

  • What paleo ingredients can I use to replace corn and orzo?