Curry Chicken Roti

Curry Chicken Roti

This recipes comes from the Cooking Channel:


Makes 6 portions:

Total Cost: $30.22

Cost Per Portion: $5.04


Follow the directions over at the Cooking Channel:

The Verdict

Extremely tasty dish, but I should mention a few changes I made to the original recipe. For example, the original calls for scotch bonnet peppers, which are among the spiciest things known to humankind. Since my wife will barely tolerate jalapeños, I decided to forgo those suckers. I also added the marinade to the saucepan while cooking the chicken, to get all those tasty nutrients into the final dish.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Delicious stuff, but it would be even better with a little kick.
  • Maybe add a less-deadly variety of pepper to the next iteration?