Kale Chips

I’m listing this as an “original recipe” but that’s not exactly true. This recipe was inspired by Colleen over on The Good Life, but I also had a lot of help from my pal Gatisa and her Holistic Health and Weight Loss group on Facebook.


Makes 4 portions:

Total Cost: $4.01

Cost Per Portion: $1.00


Don’t panic- these are super simple to make. It’s ok, I was nervous at first too.

  1. Buy a bunch of kale (as in, one bunch)
  2. Rip all the fluffy green leaves off the stems and put them in a bowl
  3. Rip into small chip-sized pieces
  4. Spray a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar on them
  5. Add a bit of salt
  6. Mix everything up in the bowl
  7. Place on baking sheets so that the chips do not overlap each other (this makes them mushy)
  8. Bake at a low heat (~200*F) until the chips are nice and crispy

Simple as that! Make sure to serve fresh from the over so they are still warm and super crispy.

The Verdict

I was a bit nervous about making these. As they were baking, a strange smell filled my kitchen and I wasn’t sure I quite liked it (apple cider vinegar and I have only recently become friends). However, once I tasted a nice crispy chip, I got over my fear pretty quickly. The key thing to remember- these are not a replacement for fried, potato-based chips. These do not taste like fried potatoes, so if you go in expecting that, you are going to be disappointed.

However, they paired wonderfully with the Oven “Fried” Chicken to make a nice “finger food” dinner that didn’t require any utensils. They certainly retain some taste of kale, but in a fluffy, crispy, salty form, this almost approaches something of a “junk food” in terms of experience. And yet, with only 35 calories per serving, I’m pretty sure it would be physically impossible to gain weight on a “kale chip” diet- although that amount of sodium would undoubtedly cause health issues elsewhere.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Add a little nutritional yeast for a “cheesy” variation
  • Add a little chili powder and other┬áseasoning for a “tex mex” variation