Paleo Salisbury Steak

This recipe comes from Russ Crandall care of The Domestic Man, with a few modifications from yours truly. Specifically I added some kale, and a healthy splash of generic A1 sauce to give it an extra bit of flavor.


Makes 4 portions:

Total Cost: $17.83

Cost Per Portion: $4.46


Follow the recipe over at The Domestic Man.

For the sake of getting more green leafy stuff into my stomach, I ground up some kale in a food processor and added it into the meat mixture. I also added generic A1 sauce and mixed that in prior to baking.

 The Verdict

The gravy was incredibly good, considering its nothing more than beef broth and a dash of arrowroot. As usual, once baked alongside meat, the kale becomes unobtrusive. This pairs especially well with mashed cauliflower for days when you crave “meat and potatoes” but want to avoid the starchy carbs of real potatoes.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Why are there no onions in this?
  • Next time sauté onions in the gravy  instead of mushrooms