Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

The original recipe comes from Rebecca over at PaleoGrubs, but I have modified this into my own concoction (see details below).


Makes 8 portions:

Total Cost: $28.34

Cost Per Portion: $3.54


Follow the directions over at PaleoGrubs.

The Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe. The seasonings are delicious, and the veggies are flavorful and tasty. However, when it comes to the egg, I wasn’t happy. I baked the egg as instructed, but let them go a little too long. As a result the egg got a bit chewy and formed a plastic-like shell. Pretty gross.

However, egg-failures notwithstanding, this recipe has inspired me to try to create my own “breakfast casserole”. This makes for an excellent low-cal breakfast or snack, and its packed with leafy green spinach too.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Scramble the eggs with a little sausage
  • Serve over the sautéed veggies


I went ahead and made this again, except this time I added a pound of breakfast sausage and I scrambled the eggs instead. My thinking here is that sometimes (for reasons I’ll never understand) I get a craving for those disgusting McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, even though I hate them. The sausage and egg adds enough flavor and fat to thoroughly disguise the fact that the bulk of what you are eating is spinach and zucchini. By the time I was done sautéing it all together (I used my wok) the spinach melted away just beautifully.

The nutrition looks solid to me too. A high-fat breakfast, to be sure, but only 362 calories per hearty serving makes for a filling breakfast that leaves plenty of calories for the rest of the day.