Raisin Pine Nut Spinach

Raisin Pine Nut Spinach

This recipe comes from the Quintz Restaurant care of The Food Network.


Makes 2 portions:

Total Cost: $4.76

Cost Per Portion: $2.38


Follow the directions over at The Food Network.

The Verdict

This is an extremely tasty side dish, but I felt it was a little too greasy with both the butter and oil. It is also worth noting that the pine nuts are both extremely expensive and extremely calorie dense. The raisins are a nice touch, and add some much needed sweetness to the natural bitterness of the spinach. If anything, I was a little disappointed by how little this recipe made- only two modest portions. You could easily double the amount of spinach, and leave everything else the same, and still have a very decent dish.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Next time skip the butter
  • Use twice as much spinach