Sweet Potato Apple Muffins

Sweet Potato Apple Muffins

This recipe comes from Brittanie over at Three Diets, One Dinner.


Makes 12 portions:

Total Cost: $8.48

Cost Per Portion: $0.71


Follow the directions over at Three Diets, One Dinner.

The Verdict

After extended protests from my beloved wife, I have decided to add baked goods to our regular rotation here at the Pineapple Kitchen. This has presented me with two new challenges. First: I’ve never baked before. I’ve become a master of the frying pan, but the oven still intimidates me some. Second: in the world of paleo eating, grains and other sources of gluten are verboten. Therefore most of the “flour” used in paleo baking is actually made from coconut or nuts.

As a result, some paleo baked goods don’t quite rise the way normal baked goods do. They remain extremely dense, and lack the fluffiness of a nice fresh baked bread or cake. They usually taste excellent; the issue is texture.

This recipe only calls for 2 tbsp of coconut flour. At first I though that was a typo, or I was misreading something. The bulk of these muffins comes from sweet potatoes and apples. And yet, when mixed together and baked, they rise up into moist, fluffy muffins that are simply incredible.

Because nuts as so calorie dense, most paleo baked goods are also calorie dense. Case in point: the Orange Cranberry Muffins I made last week had 230 calories each. These sweet-potato-based muffins have only 153 calories each, which make them far easier to fit into a restricted diet. This is good news for those of us who are still cutting fat, but happy to indulge a sweet tooth from time to time. I like filling the house with healthy snacks that fit into a balanced diet. I find it reduces the temptation to “cheat” a whole lot.

Thoughts for next time:

  • I added a bit of honey for sweetness. Next time add fruit instead.
  • Sweet-potato-based batter opens up a whole new world of possibilities in my mind. My mission is to become better at baking so that I can create my own fiber-packed baked treats to help balance out my protein-heavy diet.