Tania’s Rice and Beans

Tania's Rice & Beans

This is an original recipe, but it does not belong to me. It comes to us care of my friend Tania, who got it from her mother. I can speak from experience when I say Tania’s Rice and Beans is an awesome comfort food for those days when your body is just craving the carbs.


Makes 10 portions:

Total Cost: $24.88

Cost Per Portion: $2.49


So simple even I can do it:

  1. Get a large pot, add oil, and put it on medium heat
  2. Dice up the peppers, onions and salt pork and toss them in
  3. Cook until everything is nice and tender
  4. Add one can of crushed tomatoes
  5. Add a can’s worth of water
  6. Add the beans andĀ the juice they come in
  7. Add Sazon and Adobo to taste
  8. Leave simmering for a full hour
  9. Cook up 2lbs of rice in a separate pot
  10. Serve the beans and sauceĀ over the rice
  11. Embrace your inner Puerto Rican

The Verdict

Tania has four children and a husband who is almost 7 feet tall, so she is quite used to feeding a large family. This recipe makes A LOT of food; I broke ours down into 10 full servings. My wife added olives to hers, but I decided to garnish with avocado instead, and I liked that even better.

In terms of health, these are not the best macros I’ve ever seen. Obviously, being rice and beans, this is a carb-heavy dish. The salt pork, Sazon and Adobo all contribute a lot of sodium so you’ll notice I went with the low-sodium beans (not that it made much difference). Each serving contains roughly half of your daily recommended sodium intake; so be mindful.

I used the “unhealthy” rice for the sake of flavor, but I was a bit disappointed to see it contains NO FIBER and pretty much no nutrition whatsoever. These are “empty calories” and better spent elsewhere.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Use Basmati (or another pro-fiber, pro-nutrient) rice instead
  • Don’t forget the olives; my wife was right to add them